End of year reflection

Goals I have achieved !
Social: I have been letting everyone play.
Physical: On athletics day I came first in high jump!
Personal: I have been reading every night and I’m reading a book called ‘The key to Rondo’. 

Goals I haven’t achieved
Academic: In the time-tables challange I got up to (C).
Physical: I didn’t come first in long jump.  

Inquiry Reflection

Our exhibition is nearly here so we have been working hard.

We have done: The Information booth,Making Trees and making the roads.

We need to make the streets and finnish the trees and signs.

We need to ask ivan to deliver the old school bell to the hall and organizes the food and drinks.

On thursday we did a test run and the they gave us heaps of comments here are some of them.

The presentation is fantastic. Everything was pretty good and I learned a lot about the history of Russell Street. It is very cool it’s like a mini museum on Russell Street  School.

When we were reading the comments someone said they didn’t know how to ask so we are going to make name tags.

Inquiry Weekly Refliction


We have achieved finishing our exhibition and started doing  posters
and making Green and Red  stickers to say you can’t  touch and you can touch.


We am proud of finishing early so we can do the posters and other stuff.


The hardest part was getting the posters done.


Next week my goal is to have our all of the posters half finished


Week 4 Term 4

This week our goal is to begin our exhibits and information displays.

I have achieved getting all the artifacts, getting all of the info about the artifacts.

I am proud of finishing first so I have time to go back and inprove.

The hardest part was getting all the artifacts.
Next week my goal is to have our exhibit finished.